Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lindsey's Game Yesterday

This is the best picture I got of Lindsey in her first basketball game. The lighting wasn't very good in the gym. She's actually getting double-teamed in the pic here. She was a bit nervous, but did really well in the peripheral apsects of the game, like rebounding, defense, and assists. I think now that the first game jitters are out, she and her teamates will only improve. Their team won the game 13 - 5. Congratulations Lindsey and teamates on a solid first game!


Anonymous said...

whats the deal with the guy at the desk?
tami evans

Rick said...

Oh, that guy in the background... he was serving 7th grade detention for snarfing jello in the cafeteria earlier that day. ;-)

Mar said...

Congrats to Lindsey and her team! Well done you guys:)

Thanks for sharing the pic, Rick.:)

That guy is in 7th grade?!?!? He looks like an adult!

Rick said...

No... he's just some random adult watchin' the game, Mar. I was just pullin' Tami's leg. :-D

Mar said...

Good grief, don't I feel like a prat..there should be some kinda code ya put in your posts for gits like me

the following is sarcasm. please pay close attention, Marion and don't make a total ass out of yourself

Y'know, something simple and subtle like that..:)

Rick said...


Rick said...

Oh, and Marion, you are far from being a prat or gittish. ;-)

Dang! You make me look up alotta words! Shew!