Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lindsey's First Game!

Lindsey's basketball team has their first game this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. against Saline at home. She and her teamates had to dress up today for school for their game. She was pretty calm and collected about this first game and I just pray she continues to be. She should be, she works VERY hard at everything she does, and is always well-prepared for the challenges she faces. Nonetheless, I will be praying for her throughout the day to do her best and, most importantly, have fun playing. If you think of it, keep her in your thoughts and prayers as well today too... especially come 4:00 p.m.!

Linds, you're awesome and you're gonna do just great! Remember to follow your shot, box out, keep the person you're defending in front of you, and stay between the player you're guarding and the ball. Most importantly, always remember that I love you NO MATTER WHAT!! <3



Sara said...

Go Lindsey!!! Good luck tonight!!!

Mar said...

Go Lindsey!!! I'll be thinking about ya:) Can't wait to hear how it goes...:) You'll do GREAT!

Lindsey said...

Thanks so much for the post dad and the comments Sara and Mar! We did do great and we won so we are as of right now 1-0! YAY!

Rick said...

You're welcome, Linds. She did great by the way girls. I don't think she scored any baskets, but she did a good job on defense and snagged many rebounds and had an assist or two. Good first game, Linds. Just relax from here on out and have fun! ;-)

And yes... I did steal the post pic from your blog. I was in a pinch for time this morning. :-D