Thursday, January 31, 2008

End of January

It's the last day of the month, wow! I didn't run 4 yesterday like I was supposed to. The wind was just too much and it was brutally cold all day. I think it only got up to 19, but the wind chills were in the sub-0 range all day with 20+ mph winds gusting even higher all day. It was just out and out nasty! I got my work done, did some homework (lovely CPCU stuff, ugh), had a D.C. appointment, then took Linds to her foot doc appointment, then to b-ball practice.

So I'll try and get a run in today when I get back from being on the road today, though today is a scheduled day off. I can't let Marion get too far ahead of me. Although, the way I felt yesterday, I didn't really care. I feel better today though so, we'll see if the turtle can pull a rabbit out of his hat today. I will end up with the most monthly mileage I have ever done whether I run today or not though, and I am guessing Marion will have too. You've been doing awesome in your running Marion! She's in the home stretch to her Myrtle Beach marathon now, which is only 14 days away! How exciting!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you did'nt run yesterday. I thought about you a couple different times throughout the day, even said a quick prayer just in case you were out running. You made the wise choice my friend. Today feels great at 17 degrees compared to yesterday. Hope you have a good run.


Jim Lange said...

You wuss! Kidding...

You made a smart call!

Love ya bro!

Rick said...

I ALMOST went last evening after cleaning my area at the fire station as the winds had calmed a bit and it would have been much more tolerable. Does that de-wussify me?

I just wasn't feeling real great yesterday either. I'm off for a run today though, ON MY DAY OFF. I'll make up yesterday's tomorrow. Does that make sense?!?

Thanks for dropping me a note guys! You're the BEST! Love ya both!