Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is It Spring Already?

While I was out doing inspections for work today, I heard a familiar bird song from the back yard of the home I was inspecting. I was pretty sure I knew what it was, but it didn't make any sense that I was hearing it in the dead of winter. Sure enough, there were a whole bunch of Robins in an oak tree in the people's back yard. I came around front and found this one in a small tree all puffed up trying to stay warm. I always get excited seeing the first Robins in late February or early March as a sign that spring is right around the corner. I think we have a ways to go yet though. Talked to Dad today and he said it's been too cold to play volleyball in the pool down in southern Texas. It's only supposed to be in the mid-60's this week. Poor retirees...


Mar said...

Oh how I wish spring were here already. These cold temps are really doing a number on my running attitude. That's a beautiful pic, Rick.

Tell your Dad we're going to have snow and ice storms tonight..in South Carolina..did someone move the equator on me?!?! I thought I lived far south enough to avoid this crap!

(Secretly, the 'kid' in me so stinkin' excited!!)

Rick said...

ROFL... "move the equator"! BAH! Snuck one by ya, didn't I. I figured every one else in the country should experience a little Michigan winter too. Just wanted to share wit cha.

I hope it doesn't get too nasty down there though. I know what you mean about being secretly excited about it. Don't ever let that part of you "grow up" Marion. It's a good quality to keep. ;-)