Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Tortoise and the Hare

I may be slow like the tortoise, but I am steady. Marion thought she and her little hare of a running self was going to catch up to this turtle in mileage today. This tortoise had different plans. Keep on keepin' on, Marion... see you on the other side of 1,000! ;-)
See my Pace Groups on the right sidebar and Marion's (user name JustMarion) futile attempts, along with her hare-friend, to try and catch this tortoise (user name rvelich).


Mar said...


That's it, Newman. You're toast now. Gonna run 15 gabillion miles this weekend...see if ya can keep up, my fine 'shelled' friend!!:)

(yeah, not really. I'm gonna be uber lazy and only do 10 this weekend but I had to try and scare ya:) )

Rick said...


Had me there for a second. Well, today is a rest day so, if your's is not, you will pick up some on me today, if not pass me. ;-)