Friday, January 18, 2008

Today's Agenda - Not That You Care

I'll be on the road today for work for most of the day doing inspections. Today's route is to the left. The body of water on the bottom of the map is Lake Erie and above is Lake St. Clair for those not familiar with Michigan. I am working Bob. :-) Bob's my boss, and a good one, and hopefully looks in on this inanity every once in a while. His blog is in my right sidebar, which updates the condition of his wife, Bettyjo, who has had a nightmare, to put it mildly, of an experience following what should have been a "routine" cervical fusion surgery prior to Easter last year, the severe complications of which continue to this day. So, if you pray, please keep the Zachrich family in your prayers as they really could use the uplifting and encouragement through this. When I get home I have a medium long run to do, hopefully not in the dark. I am SO glad the days are getting longer. Tammy and the girls are going to a "Body Shop" party this evening hosted by our friend, Tami, not to be confused with Tammy, soooo.... I borrowed the whole Bourne movie series from Tammy's cousin, Seth, last night and am having a guy's movie night at home tonight with Carsen, our dog. Although, I kinda think Carsen will probably sleep through most of the movies. Speaking of last night, we had a great dinner made by Tammy's Aunt Rose with her and Seth, and Tammy's Mom and Dad. Thanks again so much, Aunt Rose, the dinner was awesome! That should have been obvious though by how much I ate! GAH! I wish I would stop doing that! Beat you to the punch, Uncle Jeff! See, he was going to comment on my blog here on what a pig I made of myself at dinner and how I am breaking one of my 2008 Goals (previously posted) to "quit eating when I am full." Nice try though, just like Marion, who keeps trying to get past me in running mileage for the year and may, temporarily, today. Well, lots to do today, so I best get at it. Have a great day everyone! :-)


Mar said...

Heya Rick

Of course we care. You gave me something to read this afternoon:)

Looks like you'll be a busy boy today! Thanks for the pic of your travels today. It's really interesting! (And somewhat proof that you DO actually work..y'know, instead of trying to beat me in the mileage)

I'll keep the Zachrich family in my thoughts. I'm sorry to hear Bettyjo is having so much trouble and hope she's able to heal quickly.

I think you should skip your run tonight. need to wearing yourself out or anything! LOL Seriously, I hope it's not too dark when you do get it in and I also hope you thoroughly enjoy it:)

Todd and I spent last weekend watching all 3 Bourne movies and I loved them! I'm not much of a butt kicking, shoot 'em movie kinda gal but they were good movies. I hope Tammy and the girls enjoy their night out and you and Carsen get some much needed Doggy-Owner bonding time. (I'm totally jealous. I wish Todd would take the kids out for a night and leave home with a stack of movies to watch!!)

As far as dinner goes, just keep telling yourself you NEED all those carbs/calories to fuel your runs!! (I try that but then I step on the scale and it screams at me..."Ya didn't need THAT many calories..get off me!")

Hope ya had a great day. I'm gonna go flop on my bed and watch One Foot in the Grave (I soooo love Victor Meldrew) and veg out until Da Man gets home from work..

Sara McCarty said...

Oh, you're going to love the Bourne trilogy. I'm such a girly-girl and love chick flicks but I even liked them! My dog Mally and I are doing the same thing tonight! Except we're going to be watching some of the aforementioned girly movies while Ryan's out with the boys tonight. Although, what I should be doing is taking down the Christmas tree. I know, I know! It's embarassing that it's still up! I'm such a slacker.

P.S. I saw that Marion was ahead of you on the 1000 mile group today. :) I love that you guys are so competitive! I'll never catch you two, but I'm trying!

Rick said...

Thanks for the comments Mar and Sara! I'm off to shower from my run this evening, which I'll post about tomorrow and, which put me within 1.4 miles of Mar (well within turtle-distance), and then to the movies! Woohoo! Sara, you're doing an awesome job on your mileage now that you are over whatever ickies you had over the holidays! Keep it up! ;-)

Mar said...

it's 830 on a Saturday morning...

where are ya??:)

Heading out for a quickie now before the snow hits...again:)

enjoy your movies last night?

Rick said...

Just ate breakfast - Cheerios - to fuel my run. Been up since 6 puttin in inspections in the puter. Have 4 more to do and then headin' out for a couple hours of frigid running. It's currently 16. The sun is rising though so, I'm sure that will make things so much more balmy. :-)

Mar said...

oh man, 16?!?!?!?

You're brave. I don't know how you northern folks train in that kind of weather!

And I was complaining about my roastin' 37 degrees with sleet this morning...I'll shaddap

Can't wait to hear how your run went..