Monday, January 21, 2008

Introducing - at Forward - #20 - Lindsey V

Lindsey got her basketball uniforms today. They have their first scrimmage this Wednesday and then their first real game on Monday, January 29th, at home against Saline. The red uniforms are their away game uniforms and they have white ones with red lettering for their home games. Congratulations on stepping out and making the team, Linds, and good luck in your season! I know you'll do a fine job at power forward. Just don't be breakin' any backboards on power-dunks!


Mar said...

She's beautiful and oh-so-sporty!

Rick said...

I really enjoyed it. She wasn't a fan because of the parsley. We all agreed that could easily and probably better be substituted with basil.

Rick said...

Whoops wrong post comment ^. Was to have been on the one before.

That kid's a good model - looks and performance! Gets it from her mom. So does Chels.