Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Running Goals

So, as promised, here are my 2008 running (and a couple of other) goals:

  • Learn to stop eating when I am full - no matter how tasty the food/treat
  • Drink more water consistently
  • Stay injury free/healthy
  • Complete the Glass City Marathon on April 13th, hopefully in a respectable time (4 hour-ish)
  • Run a sub 24 minute 5K (3.1 mile race) - current personal record (PR) noted in right sidebar
  • Run a sub 50 minute 10K (6.2 mile race) - current PR at right
  • Learn to stop eating when I am full
  • Run the Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati with Tammy on May 4th (I think)
  • Run the Grand Rapids full or half marathon (not sure yet, will know better after April 13th!) in October
  • Log 1,000+ miles for the year
  • Learn to stop eating when I am full

I may add to this, but I think this is a good set of goals for 2008. Did I mention to learn to stop eating when I am full?!?

Today is a scheduled rest day and I'm going to keep it at that. I had considered doing 4 or 5 miles, but I am kinda "not feelin' it" today and, I think I am going to move my long run up from Saturday to tomorrow morning as I want to run a 10 mile race in Delta, Ohio on Sunday and I don't want to have just done 14 miles the day before! I have to put a link to the training program I am following on the right, which I will do soon when I have time so y'all can see what I am supposed to be doing. I am following it loosely and am actually ahead of it right now. You can also see my running log by clicking on any of the green mileage hyper-links to the right under "My latest workouts". When you get to the next screen noting that particular run, you can also take a look at my "Summary" log or other stuff on the menu on the left. If you care about that stuff.

That's all for now.... peace out.


Mar said...

Mar's an idiot..I got all excited when you said 'training link to the right'..I sat there for a few seconds scrolling up and down, thinking it would load any second. I should have listened to my 3rd grade teacher a bit more the entire paragraph from start to finish so you can understand what the writer is trying to say. So I'll just keep checking back:) I'd love to see what your training plan looks like..

I'm digging your goals. The "learn to stop eating when I'm full" thing is on my mental list about a billion times. I might play copy cat and put something like this on my blog. Accountability and all that..

You're running a race this weekend??? Oooooh, be sure to take pics and post a report. I'll be blog stalkin' ya!

Hope your long run goes well tomorrow.

Rick said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Mar! Feel free to copy cat stuff from me... I have already done so from you. See, second to procrastination, I am an awesome plagiarizer! :-)

The race was impromptu. I'll try and post about it in a bit.

Long run went well, but was tuff! I put ya a note about it on your blog.