Sunday, January 27, 2008

No Run Today... I Don't Think

The day's not over, but I don't think that I will do any kind of a run today. Amazingly, I am not as sore as I thought I may have been from completion of yesterday's 16 mile long run. Early on my thighs were a bit sore, right knee and tendon behind it on the right were as well. My hips have gotten a bit sore too, but nothing like what I thought I may be feeling like today. I had considered doing a 3 - 4 mile very easy recovery run, just to loosen up a bit, but I kinda think just resting may be best for me today. I have 4 miles scheduled for tomorrow on my training plan, then 8 on Tuesday.

I really thought I might be feeling like this today after my run yesterday:

I know... I'm going a little crazy with this "YouTube" stuff. Sorry, I can't help myself!


Tim Wilson said...

So, did you give in and go running? :)

I felt like I needed to go running today because of my shortened run yesterday, but I didn't give in. I have 4 scheduled the next two mornings so I can wait.

Jennifer said...

enjoy your rest/victory day!! I love that Day After seriously cracks me up hahaha!!

DawnB said...

Thanks for visiting, you are doing great with your training.

Mar said...

hey Rick

I took yesterday off, too. I've got some kinda achy/tight feeling behind/beside my right knee. It doesn't hurt when I run but if I try straighten my leg out, it pulls a bit. So I thought taking yesterday off might help it out some.

I hope you enjoyed your rest day and had fun with the family:)

Rick said...

Didn't give in, Tim. My hips got progressively sorer as the day went on. I think I could have managed a short easy run had I chose to do so, but I felt it best to rest. Hey, I just rhymed!

Thanks, Jennifer... always great to hear from you! The first time I saw that video, I about wet myself I was laughing so hard!

Thanks for stopping by Dawn and the encouraging words! Hope you look in ocassionally. ;-)

Mar, I had kinda that same pulling. It's better today though, so no excuses for me. Keep up your GREAT work! You AMAZE me in your training!

Crydo said...

Very funny stuff from Youtube - and great blog, Rick -- Fun to read - I enjoyed your retelling of your recent long run!
Run on!

Jim Lange said...

Great video - I have been there many times!

Wow, 16 miles in one day--very impressive. You wouldn't have known it the way you sang on Sunday!

You are my hero!

Running Hoosier said...


Sounds like you had a deserved day for resting. Great day after video.