Saturday, January 19, 2008

This Time... The Humans Won

Let me apologize upfront to any animal activists, PETA people, Greenpeace, vegetarians, pescatarians, liberatarians, green party, republicans, democrats, independents or any one else that this post may offend, but I am an omnivore and I do eat animals. Funny, Marion had just post on her blog, Shut it and Run, about encountering road kill on runs and commented about Tammy whipping up some tasties with the flattened critters (jokingly people!). Funny she should have mentioned road kill though, which we have a lot of here in Bedford Township, as I went to a wild game dinner at the Erie Fire Department this evening with my friend, Jeremy, as a guest of his dad. Jeremy had smoked a couple of turkeys for the dinner - I know, you're wondering where did he get big enough wrappers and... how do you keep them lit? - which were excellent as usual! So I had a variety of game for dinner including salmon, venison, caribou, elk, buffalo, duck, pheasant, rabbit, squirrel, alligator, turtle, ostrich, and yes, even kangaroo - which was quite tasty I should add. I may have ingested some other animals that I am not aware of too. The food was very well prepared and this is the best game dinner that I have ever attended as far as the food preparation goes. It was a great evening with a great friend and his family and friends. Heard a couple of cool successful elk hunt stories in northern Michigan this past fall from a local woman and man and also Jimmy Gretzinger, from Michigan Out-Of-Doors, was a special guest who related some humorous stories from his adventures in the field. So, thanks Mr. Floyds (both of you) for the great evening, I really appreciate you guys thinking of me for this dinner!


Mar said...

I can honestly say I'm not much of a meat eater. I like chicken and turkey but that's where I usually draw the line. I haven't *always* been that way. I did spend 7 glorious (choke, cough, sputter) years in West Virginia where I had some slip me BEAR at my wedding reception. I guess it's just a texture thing for me. Again, anal about certain things (read my diatribe on Rick's previous post about water temps in bathing, for those of you not keeping up:) )

But I have to admire you for being open to trying new things! It's funny, I ask my children to be as open minded and free thinking as possible and their mother is as dogmatic as they come. LOL

Rick said...

Hey, Mar!

Do as I say and not as I do, eh with the kids? :-)

I knew that you weren't a meat eater, that is why I kinda put the whole disclaimer thingy on the post. Plus, I think the whole right-winged extremist attitude(s) about ANYTHING is udderly (purposeful misspelling, again for our PETA friends against the dairy industry) ludicrous.

As far as food goes - if you haven't gathered yet - how I roll is if it doesn't bite me back and is dead and cooked, I'll pretty much eat it... at least once. Oh, and for what it's worth... I am not a big fan of bear either.

Now... if you'll excuse me... I have to go look up diatribe. UGH! English majors!