Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Longer Days are Coming, Yea!

This is a shot of the sunrise over Lake Erie just on the other side of the tree line I took one morning last month when I was just getting under way for a day on the road doing inspections for work. I thought of this picture this evening after getting home about 4:20 from being on the road all day in the Detroit-area, frantically changing my clothes so I could get a 6 mile run in, get home and log my run, make it up to the fire station by 6:00 so I could get my area cleaned for the week, stay for monthly drill from 7:00 to 9:00, and then finally get home around 9:20 to have a fabulous plate of garlic shrimp stir fry that Tammy had so lovingly saved for me to simply warm up when I got home. She had salad ready too, but I passed on that as I was starving by then and ravenously dug into my shrimp stir fry. She's such an awesome cook and takes care of us so well.

Anyway, I am soooooooooooo glad the days are getting longer so that I won't be so harried getting home from work to get a run in so that I don't get hit by cars running in the dark even though I wear a neon and reflective safety vest in low light conditions! Almost got picked off 3 times in one week a couple of weeks ago! Sheesh! I was able to get in 6 miles on a scheduled 3 mile day. I felt pretty well other than I started getting a cramp in my right hamstring around mile 2, which NEVER happens to me. I think I know why that was though... 3 cups of coffee through the day on the road... lots of peeing... and no water = dehydration. Add into this the fact that I was in a rush to get out the door for my run and didn't warm up or stretch all that well. Gotta be smarter than that. Heh! That was one of my goals for 2008 too - to drink more water consistently. Not doing so good so far. Whoops.

I'll post about my 2008 goals maybe tomorrow... or if I don't, remind me in the comments soon. Also, I HAVE to post about my long run last Saturday which was so cool! I was sooo excited at what I did.... you'll hear later... I have to go to bed... I am tired from the busy day and from staying up late last night to get this blog online so my virtual-runnin' friend from RA and Shut It and Run blog spot, Marion, would quit pestering me about it!

Goodnight, everyone... goodnight, Cassy. :-)


Mar said...

Me...pester?? Nahhh..ok maybe just a little bit. You'll have to ask Tammy to share the recipe. That dinner sounds lovely. I'd do anything to get more seafood in our meals at home.

Busy much, Rick? Do you EVER stop moving? You make me feel laaaaazy! If it weren't bucketing the rain down, I might get out for another 5 miler. I should HTFU, right?:)

Lovely pic..Looks so peaceful. I got out at 530 this morning and it was so very quiet. I had a little bunny skipping along next to me which is a bit odd since I'm .25 mile from EVERYTHING. Ya just don't see a bunny on a day to day basis around here:) One of the benefits of getting out of bed before dawn..

Hope you get home a bit earlier tonight and have a restful evening. I get to bake chocolate chip cookies...let's hope I don't eat most of the cookie dough (why does that taste so much better than the cookies themselves?!?!)

Rick said...

I know you weren't pestering, just nudging. I need that anyway because I am a total procrastinator. It's what I do best, in fact.

If you're lazy... I'm a stone statue! I'd say you're more like a master-juggler with all that you do!

CC cookies! Tammy made some here today too. Strange coincidence. Must be a hole in the Matrix or something?! Hehehe. Oddly enough, cookie dough is one food temptation I can resist. That's perplexing!