Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

Just got back a little while ago from this film. It was very well done and I think captured a lot of the essence of what the marathon means to an average person attempting it like myself in the stories of at least 3 of the individuals followed. It was inspirational, but at the same time, my stomach was just rolling over with anxiety as well. That's what this thing does to you. I got all nervous just watching the lead up to the start for the people in the film. I can't imagine what I will be feeling like the day and night before, the morning off, at the starting line. My head just swirls contemplating it.

I really enjoyed being out with Tammy and glad she accompanied me to the movie. Well, gonna haunt a couple other blogs and get to bed. No run tomorrow, it will be a rest day. I may go down to the training room at the fire department and start some light weight training. I could use some strengthening, especially after seeing that movie and how hard the people trained and still struggled. We'll see.

Oh, my favorite part of the film that made my eyes swell with teardrops was in the middle of the marathon some spectators on the side of the street had a sign that read, "You're our hero, Dad! We love you!" I wanna be my kids' hero... not just for running this race, but for them knowing that I am a caring man of integrity that loves them with all my heart.

Good night.

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Tim Wilson said...

Good quick write up Rick! My eyes got a little teary during the race as well. Not to mention, I LOVED the sign that said something like "you are all crazy"