Monday, January 21, 2008

Fire Dog

It's been so cold here lately that even Carsen has taken to wearing extra clothing. He musta slipped into one of my dresser drawers yesterday and found himself one of my old fire department shirts to throw on for some extra warmth. It didn't stay on long though as our fire dog felt a bit confined in his owner's clothing and kept biting at it. Move over Dalmations... there's a new fire dog in town.


Mar said...

Awww, isn't he sweet! I've been trying to find a shirt/sweater for Jack but they don't seem to make them in "giant-lazy-a**-does-nothing-but-eat-and-lick" size:(
Might have to dig out some of our old tshirts and do a little sewing:)

Rick said...

You forgot *poop* too. They seem to do an inordinate amount of that also! GAH!

Anonymous said...

Linds, the uniform looks great on you! Also the dinner you cooked for your parents. Maybe you can do that for us when we get home? :)
Love you - Grandma G.