Monday, January 28, 2008

Scheduled 4 Miles In

I got my scheduled 4 miles in this morning and my hips were none too happy with me from Saturday's 16 mile run. At the moment, I am a SCANT 2 tenths, that's 2/10 or 0.20, of a mile ahead of my running pal, Marion, in our monthly mileage! It's neck and neck. She completed her 20 mile run this past Saturday in preparation for her Bi Lo Myrtle Beach Marathon coming up on February 16, 2008 and did an awesome job of it! She rocked her 20 miler! Way to go Mar!

Other running pal, Sara, ran a half marathon race down in St. Louis in prep for her St. Louis marathon on April 6, 2008 and rocked that race to a 2:09:50 personal record (PR in running lingo) in a race that she thought she was doing terrible in! Way to go Sara!

It was 19 degrees when I ran this morning. This afternoon it got to 43. Tomorrow we have a chance of thunderstorms!?! Wacky weather. It's supposed to be in the 40's again tomorrow and then in the 20's the following day.

I've also developed a cold in the last day or so, which was inevitable since everyone around me seems to be sick. So, I'll be dealing with that for the next week or so.

I have 8 miles scheduled for tomorrow. Looks like I may be runnin' in the rain. Beats trying to run in the snow. Have a good night and great Tuesday everyone!


Mar said...

Heya Rick

Sounds like we're having much the same weather. Freezing cold in the morning then 'mild' in the afternoons. We were meant to have rain today as well but it seems we're being saved from that.

Good luck on your 8 miler. I hope your hips/knee don't give you too much grief..

Tim Wilson said...

Good job with the 4 miles yesterday. I hope your 8 miler goes good today, and your hip doesn't bother you!

Rick said...

Thanks Mar and Tim. My hip flexors were just sore. Probably didn't stretch them out well enough when I was done Saturday, though I try to. I think I'm just getting old. ;-)

It's supposed to be near 50 today with chance of thunderstorms and then Chelsea just told me tomorrow it is supposed to be 18 with wind chills -20 to -30 degrees. Yikes!

Y'all have GREAT days!

Sara said...

Thanks for the shout out, Rick! I still can't believe that I've gotten faster just by running more miles - even if they are slow! Makes me wonder what I could do on a flat course...hmmm. No wonder this is so addicting!