Thursday, January 24, 2008

8 Miles, Dinner, and a Movie

Got my 8 miles in today that I was supposed to do tomorrow, but I wanted to have a day of rest before Saturday's long run, which is a 16 miler. I did this afternoon's run as a tempo run, which is a fast paced run, or at least fast for me. I think my average pace per mile was 8:57. My last mile was 8:15, which is good, cause I had some gas left in the tank after sustaining a fairly good pace over 7 miles.

Chels had a friend over when I got back and they had just gotten Subway. The kids LOVE Subway. I don't see what the fascination is with a sandwhich, but oh well. Tammy and Linds got home from her b-ball practice shortly after I did and had stopped at BP and picked up frozen cokes. I didn't want it. I couldn't believe it (because normally I LOVE them), but it didn't sound good at all. Perhaps it was because my upper lip was still frozen from the 19 degree run with the wind chill at 10? I warmed some leftover beef barley vegetable soup up, just finished that, now I have to go and hit the shower and Tammy and I are off to see the The Spirit of the Marathon movie.

Her mom's outpatient surgery for placement for her dialysis port went ok. She's home and Tammy is checking on her right now before we head out. Thanks to those of you who were keeping her in your thoughts and prayers today.


Anonymous said...

Glad to here everything went well with Moms surgery. You kids have fun on your date tonight.
love ya

Rick said...

Thanks, Jeremy! So far so good. Time will tell on the new port. We had a very nice time last night.

Love you too, Bro!