Friday, January 25, 2008

Keep on Rollin'

My longest run to date, 16 miles, is scheduled for tomorrow. Cassy, you'll be on my mind a lot tomorrow morning! :-)

I've done two runs of 14 miles to date in my training, one of which was good and I felt pretty confident from, and one, not so good, causing the self-doubts and anxiety to creep in and the confidence to wane. So, I was sitting here contemplating what tune I could listen to to kind of psyche myself up. I listen to classic rock when I run and got to thinking about some of the songs that I like to hear that inspire me to run and came up with this classic by REO Speedwagon, a great tune to run by:

I'm hoping to get up early, do some work, eat some oatmeal with honey, have a cup of coffee and some water, make sure mother nature has been taken care of (I know, tmi, but these things have to be taken care of before you're 10 miles out into a run!), and then lace up and head out by 8 or 9. I'm estimating that I will be running somewhere around 2 hours and 40 minutes (hopefully), which is probably about the same amount of time my running friend, Marion, will be running on her 20 mile run tomorrow morning in final preparations for her Myrtle Beach Marathon on 02/16/08! Our other running friend, Sara, is running a half marathon (13.1 miles) race tomorrow in prep for her St. Louis Marathon on 04/06, one week ahead of mine. Running friend, Tim, is also doing a long run of 12 miles tomorrow in prep for his half marathon. Good luck everyone in your races/runs tomorrow and... Keep on Rollin'!


Tim Wilson said...


You will do great! And so will Marion. I will be out there myself doing 12 if all goes as planned.

Hopefully I will be almost done by the time you get back in. I need to take off about 7:00 because I need to be somewhere by 10:00.

Good runnin to you!

Rick said...

Thanks, Tim! Good luck in your long run as well. I'll edit me post to include you my running friend! ;-)

Tim Wilson said...

Thanks, but you didn't need to do that :)

Jennifer said...

GO RICK!!! you can SO totally do it!! It's just a few minutes longer than your 14 mile run. ;)