Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy Evenings

Yesterday was kind of a typical evening in our family. Tammy was going to go to coffee with her girlfriends (which is a-typical as she does not get enough time for herself and never has) from church round 5:00, which I am always thankful she gets to do... gets to vent about me and all offer support for each other for the knuckleheads their husbands can be. Hey! I'm a realist and I know I am a knucklehead when it comes to being a husband and father... on RARE ocassions. Seriously, I'm sure that is not ALL that they talk about... I hope.

So, Lindsey had to be picked up from b-ball practice (she made the 7th grade team this year) at 5:00, then I had to run her over to the foot doc for continued assault on a nasty wart on her left foot that just won't go away. We got back home a little before 6:00. I whipped up some spaghetti and garlic toast for her and I (Chelsea was working at 5:00). Scarfed down the dinner and cleaned up the kitchen as best as I could. I grabbed my horn, kissed Linds goodbye, and headed over to my awesome friend and CrossRoads worship brass team leader, Jeremy's, house to meet with the rest of the team (Leo, Vicki, Barry, and Marky-Mark) around 6:30 to listen to and select some music to start working on for this year. His oldest son, Jarred, had just fractured his ankle a couple of days ago sliding down the basement stairs in a box! Didn't surprise me as his boys are very much boys! :-)

We finished up there around 9:00 and I headed home to dump off my horn and music and let Tammy know I had to run up to the fire station to clean my area for the week (it has to be done by Wednesday night at midnight... see, I've said before and I'll say it again, I am the KING of procrastinators!). Missed the second new season show of American Idol, but got my area cleaned and was getting ready to head out when my station house officer, Jim, showed up to do his area around 10:30 (Ok, so maybe I am NOT the king of procrastination, but most certainly a court jester at least!). Had a great conversation with Jim for quite a time. It was good to talk with him like that as I haven't in awhile. He's a great husband, father, and fire department officer, even if he does have issues with timeliness. HA! Pot calling the kettle black! I was glad to get a chance to remind him though that I respected the husband, father, and officer he is.

Left the fire station and got home round 11:40, showered and asleep by midnight. A busy, but good and well-rounded evening, other than not being able to see enough of my family. Thank you Tammy, Lindsey, and Chelsea for your tolerance of all my "busyness". I love you all more than you know! Muah!


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOO i better tell troy the fractured ankle story....He slides down the steps on our Christmas tree box every Christmas...boys will be boys!
tami evans

Rick said...

He ain't no spring chicken any more either! Dem bones get brittle in our maturity.

Thanks for dropping in and leaving a note, Tami!