Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I am a MET+

I had my first performance review for Grange with Bob this late morning in Lansing. The drive up was slightly dicey from our snowfall overnight. There were a fair share of vehicles who disregarded the conditions and paid the price, either in the medians or ditches of US-23 and I-96. Hopefully none of them were Grange customers (a little insurance humor - I know, I know, VERY little). I was rated on my job standards and objectives, our company's core values, and professional development and came out with a MET+. This will somehow relate to some pay matrix for my pay grade/classification and... with any luck... I won't owe Grange any money. :-D

Gotta love human resources. Do two MET-'s equal a MET+? Hmmm... interesting.


Mar said...

Congrats! Well done you:)

Rick said...

Thanks! You're a MET+ in my performance review of you too, Mar. ;-)