Saturday, January 19, 2008

Focus, Grasshopper, Focus

I was on my way back from my inspections yesterday afternoon, the last having been north of Detroit and was heading south down I-75 about 4:40 p.m., not the place you want to be on a Friday afternoon with the North American International Auto Show going on in the City of Detroit and every auto enthusiast from Germany to Sweden to Japan and every car manufacturer in the U.S., etc. in town for the dang thing. Oh, I should say at this point, Bob (my boss) and Chelsea (my driving 16 year old with a cell phone addiction whom I have warned not to use whilst driving) should quit reading here. Anyway, so I decide to give our family friend, Amy, a call to thank her for an encouraging note and a couple of timely articles on parenting teens she sent me ealier in the week following a great dinner conversation we had the Friday before. As I am having this great phone conversation with her and thanking her for her thoughtfulness, I somehow missed staying on the freeway in the heavy rush hour traffic and ended up SMACK DAB in downtown Detroit! AHHHH! The traffic, the people, the craziness! Needless to say I excused myself from the conversation with Amy (sorry Amy for the abrupt stop to the call) to try and extricate myself from downtown Detroit. The upsides (2 of them actually) was I was stopped at a red light waiting to make a u-turn right in front of the Renaissance Center (GM World Headquarters for you non-Michiganders) and got this cool shot of it from my windshield. The other upside was that when the light turned green, I missed hitting two vehicles and two pedestrians, one of which gave me some sort of a hand signal(?), while making my u-turn and got right back on the freeway within about 5 minutes of my little blunder. Yippee! So, that was my drive home yesterday, the rest of which was uneventful, other than a nice conversation with my sis, Vicky, whom I hadn't really talked to since Christmas.


Mar said...

I have to laugh because I've *so* been there!! We were in Pittsburgh one weekend and I was trying desperately to get to University Drive but kept winding up in the Strip District with all the shoppers/traffic. Not just once, but THREE times did I take the wrong turn and end up oh-so close to our favorite eats in P'burgh, Primanti Bros . I felt like Clark W Griswald in National Lampoons European Vacation..."I just can't get left!!".

Mind you, this was back in the days when having a cell phone in your car was luxury. So I can't blame being distracted! It was all ME!:)

Glad you got through it, despite the hand gestures:)

Rick said...

Weren't you but a child when having a cell phone in the car was a luxury?!? *poke*

That's a funny story! I think everyone has one. I remember circling the Lincoln Memorial 5 times in D.C. with Clark W Griswald... errr... I mean dad driving on vacation when I was 11 and my mom, sister, and I saying... "Dad, it's down there... it's down there!" and him replying, "I can SEEEEE it... I just can't GET to it!" His way of kindly telling us to :-X.

My problem Friday was... I DID get left! LOL