Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Caution - Rick, Err, I Mean Turtle Crossing

I actually took this pic today when I was out on inspections. I was heading to Shelby Township from Clinton Township in Macomb County (north of Detroit) driving kind of along/parallel to the Lake St. Clair lakeshore, when I drove by the Metro Beach Metropark entrance drive and saw this sign! I couldn't believe it! I actually turned around to drive into the park to get a picture of it for Marion, who is fast like a hare, and me... the prodding turtle. So Mar, I finally found a place where I can run and be protected from the traffic and fast little hares. Metro Beach Park... here me and my turtle runnin' shoes come! WOOT!

It was an awesome day. My 8 mile run this morning was done in 45 degree temps and went very well. I probably could have ran in shorts had I thought to do so. It was beautiful running this morning, the shoulders were clear of snow and mostly clear of ice, and SOFT, and the wind, while substantial, was not a factor for me given the directions I was traveling. My hips felt much better today than yesterday after Saturdays long run which did them in a bit, and I had no other "physical" issues.

I got pretty much everything I wanted to accomplish inspection-wise done, got a return phone call from my college roomate - I've only left him two voice mails in the last two months! - so it was great hearing from him and catching up on what he was up to and how his family was doing, and got home in time to see Lindsey play her first league basketball game. She didn't score I don't think, had several shot opportunities that didn't go, but she did very well otherwise on defense, rebounding, and had a couple of assists. Went from her game to church for a vocal rehearsal and then home for pizza and greek salad. Yum! Then, finished off the evening watching the goofy folks on American Idol with the family and helped Linds with some homework.

So, there you have it... the summary of an awesome day. I hear the wind howling outside right now though and the temps are a-dropping. Supposed to storm overnight, winds gusts to 40 mph, and dropping temps to 12 degrees with windchills down to -20 they're (the brilliant meteorologists) saying. The one day winter reprieve was nice while it lasted. Tomorrow is a 4 mile day. If the winds are what they say they are to be, I may not get out. We'll see.


Mar said...

Love the pic!! That needs to be put on a shirt for ya, Rick:)

Hope your weather warms up soon. It's actually meant to get colder here tonight but nothing nearly as bad as you guys..29 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Random thought, but i'm thinkin I should probably start running again when it's not so cold.

Anonymous said...

that was me, lol sorry


Rick said...

I'd like to see that, Chels. In fact, I'd love to have you run with me on some of my runs. You don't have to do the long runs with me, but it'd be great to have you along on the 4 milers or whatever.

<3 you, Chels,

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