Friday, January 25, 2008

More Inspiration

In case the former post wasn't enough, I thought of Dick Hoyt and his son, Rick, who also developed cerebral palsy after birth. Dick, at the request of Rick, entered a benefit race sometime in the middle stages of his life. They have since gone on to run more than 600 races, including countless marathons and several Ironman Triathalons in which Dick swims 2.5 miles with Rick in tow in a boat, then bikes 110 miles with Rick is a special seat on the front of the bike, and then, Dick pushes Rick while running a marathon, 26.2 miles, to finish the triathalon. I first heard and saw the inspirational story of Team Hoyt at a "Promise Keepers" weekend in Columbus back in 2003. Truly an inspiration and the epitome of sacrificial love for a child. Please have a look at this.


Tim Wilson said...

I have always loved this story. It is truely an inspiration each time I see it or think about it.


Jennifer said...

Go team Holt!! I love the video...I don't have sound but there'sa great clip set to Mercy Me's, I Can Only Imagine...brings me to tears everytime.

Rick said...

This video is set to Nicole C. Mullen's, "My Redeemer", Jennifer. It's awesome too.

Off to lace up for 16 now. :-)

Mar said...

Gosh, I teared up watching that. Amazing love!

I really like that song I Can Only Imagine. Have it on the mp3 player. It really motivates me through those tough parts of my run:)

Rick said...

It's one of our families' favorites too, as well as the band. If you like Mercy Me, you would probably like the band Casting Crowns as well, Mar.

Speaking of music, I liked how you were putting clips on your posts. I'm not much into the "current" music scene/trends, which is surprising given I have a teen and one almost teen daughters, so I like hearing what is popular now. I have heard the band/performer names before, but I don't know the songs at all.