Friday, January 11, 2008

Dave's 10 Mile Shoe Run Race and New Shoes!

So Tammy and I stopped into Dave's Performance Footgear in Sylvania last night because I wanted to drop off a race registration for the Dave's 10 Mile Shoe Run in Delta, Ohio this Sunday, which I did. We ended up getting fitted for shoes by Liz, who was awesome, and walked out with a couple of new pairs of Mizuno running shoes, some running socks, and some empty pockets. My feet are fairly normal, other than being short and wide like my dad's, but she measured me and I found that I have been running in entirely too small of shoes. I've been running in 9.5's and she measured me to 11's. Whoops! Liz was awesome and I was totally happy with the selections she had me try and they weren't even the most expensive of shoes they sold! Lesson learned. Hopefully I'll see Liz, a runner herself, at the GCM or the Flying Pig races which she said she will be registering for. Dave's 10-miler on Sunday so, get your game face on Cassy... we have a 10 mile race to run Sunday hon! ;-)


Lindsey said...

Good luck at the race dad! I will be there to take pictures of you!Run hard do it for Cassy! I am so proud of you for really dedicating yourself to this! Have fun!

Lindsey said...

By the way Your new shoes are really stylish! lol! I love you

Mar said...

Mkay, Rick. Here's the get new shoes, you cough up a pic. Ya can't be braggin' about new shoes and not offer up a photo so the rest of us can lust after them...

so c'mon. let's see 'em!

Rick said...

Sorry, Marion. I'm new to this blogging thing and not up on the proper etiquette. I'll get a pic of the shoes on and remember this in the future. ;-)

ps - Tammy's are cool... mine are ugly. :-(