Saturday, January 12, 2008

Today's 5 Miler and Training Schedule

Here's the new running shoes that Tammy and I got at Dave's a couple of days ago - post first run! I had a directive comment from someone that we can't get new shoes and not post a pic of them. Tammy's are the purty ones on the right, mine the ugly red and black ones on the left. We both just tried them out on a beautiful morning today on a 5 mile run. The consensus opinion from both of us... ahhhhhh. They felt really good, cushioned and supportive. We also wore our new running socks which make a huge difference as well. It was an awesome morning, very pretty, and it was great to be running with my honey! I just love spending time like that with her. We had good conversations and I just like being with her. She's such a blessing to me! On the training schedule note, I put a link to the plan I am following in the right side bar. I don't follow it exactly in that you have to move the days up one as I do my long runs on Saturdays and not Sundays, and, I don't necessarily follow the mileage amounts as I often do more (I have to stay ahead of Marion's totals!) or will often do easy runs on days I am to be off. Oh, and I am not doing any cross-training, nor cross-dressing. Tomorrow is a race day, Dave's 10 Mile Shoe Run. I'm not sure yet what my "strategy" is for the race in terms of run it hard like a race, run it hard like a tempo run, or run it easier just to build my mileage base. In any case, I'll post about that tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have a couple of pics to add as well... we'll see. Um, I guess that's it for now. I need to have a good meal now, go to a jazz concert at Lourde's College with some friends from the worship brass at church, and get to bed for some rest for tomorrow's race after church. The race doesn't start until 2:00 p.m. Oh, apparently I have to shorten my posts up here... Lindsey says they are too long! She gave me quite a tribute here She's such an awesome young lady with a gigundous heart... she makes me cry.


Anonymous said...

My experience for tomorrow's run would be to plan an extra easy start. Run the first two miles as if you were going on a long slow easy run with your wife. Miles three through eight I would concentrate on finding a STRONG pace and holding steady strong miles. Just hang on miles eight to ten and reward yourself with your favorite dessert in the evening.
Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when finished.
Denny Metzger

Rick said...

Great advice, Denny, and thanks for posting it. This was kind of what I had in my head to do, but it kinda got away from me. See the race report. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Mar said...

Oooooooh, I'm droolin' over your new shoes!

It's amazing how new running shoes can make my heart skip a beat:)

Rick said...

Funny what we runners get all juiced up about. I know I had shoe envy when you got your last couple of pairs.