Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Mornings and Belgium Waffles by Barb

Lindsey got a digital camera from Santa this past Christmas. She got a couple of shots of Tammy, my MOST beautiful wife, and me - my most goofball self brushing my teeth - before church this morning.

Then, after chuch, we stopped over to my in-laws for Belgium Waffles by Barb. Thanks for the yummie breakfast, Mom! Dad was painting the fruit cellar in the basement... yeehaa. In case you don't know, Barb is my FAVORITE mother-in-law! Lindsey wouldn't smile for me though... Grumplestiltskin!

Then, for moronic kicks, I thought I would try on a gigantic hoop earring that my niece, Page, had left at my in-laws. I once donned an earring (back in the 80's when it wasn't hip like it is these days) for those of you who don't know and my hole has never closed up. Stylin' ain't I... NOT. Um, Page, you may want to clean your earrings REAL GOOD before you wear them again... I'm not sure what kind of ickies Uncle Rick has in his ear hole. Blech!


Sara McCarty said...

Hoop earrings?

Your kids must be mortified.

:) Ha Ha!! Just kidding!

Mar said...

You really do have a beautiful family, Rick. And beautiful waffles as well! LOL

I tell ya, you could probably skip the headphones on your next run and tune in your local radio station with those earrings!

Rick said...

I think that is their reaction to me MOST of the time, Sara. It's what I do best, mortify my girls. Despite my mortifying nature, I think they love me anyway. Of course, they would never admit it in front of their friends. It's the age, yanno. I hope you have today off, Sara. I see you were up kinda late. I'm old, I can't stay up late like that anymore and expect to look as good as I do the next day! BAH! Totally kidding people!

ROFL, Mar. Probably a might bit more comfy in my ear than those headphones too. And, thanks! I DO have a beautiful family... as do you, my friend. I don't think I have ever had anyone tell me I have beautiful waffles before though. :-D

Lindsey said...

My waffle was the prettiest! At least it was smiling! I dont like getting my picture taken when I am eating breakfast!

Anonymous said...

We all appreciate you brushing your teeth. Trust me.

Lindsey, cheer up your Dads not that bad.

That last picture looks like you have some kind of funky mullet thing going on. Nice pictures


Rick said...

I had to brush, Jeremy... I think I still had some kangaroo in my teeth from the night before!

Rick said...

Funky mullets aren't in?!? Better than a hot pink Speedo my French-dive show friend!

Rick said...

Lindsey... you LOVE me and you KNOW it! MuuuuuuuuAH!