Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Marathon Tapering

Marathon tapering occurs in the final 3 weeks before the marathon in which you gradually decrease your miles run each week in preparation for the marathon, just as you slowly increase your mileage when you start your training program. A lot of wacky things go on with runners during this "taper" period, both mentally and physically. A couple of my friends from RA, Jennifer (On Your Left), and Marion (Shut it and Run), are either in or will be going into their taper weeks in their training for their upcoming marathons and I found this article, "Taper Traps", from an old Runner's World and I thought they might get a thing or two out of the article to combat the "tapering madness" that many runners experience. I know I will be relying heavily on any support leading up to my first marathon. Good luck ladies!


Mar said... rawk!:)

Thanks for the link. I really appreciate it:)

BTW, hope you're out running. I'm breathin' down your neck and the bunny is on my side, pal!:)

Jennifer said...

ITA, you are awesome! Thank you for that timely article...I do believe I resemble 95% of those symptoms!

I'm really enjoying readin y'all's blogs. :o)

Rick said...

I hope there was something useful in there for each of you.

Umm... Jerry, she my next post my little hare of a running friend!

Thanks, Jennifer. :-)

Rick said...

*see* not she


I r can haz tipeing clazzez.

Mar said...

It's all the running, Rick. Seriously, it's starting to burn brain cells. You really need to drop down to, I dunno...3 miles a week for at least 3 weeks and then work your way back up..S-L-O-W-L-Y..y'know, until I'm at least 150 or so miles ahead of ya:)

Zoomy said...

I have experienced a bit of that "taper madness" even before's awful. I can only imagine what a wreck it will make me in the Fall as I attempt my first full.

Hey, girls...good luck on your races! Nothing better than that feeling after crossing a finish line--I imagine the feeling after crossing the finish of a marathon is that much sweeter.

Rick said...

I'm lookin' forward to being there when you do finish Zoomy! Either behind you or at the finish if I don't do the full. :-)