Saturday, January 26, 2008

"The Face of Love"

I'm part of the worship team at CrossRoads Community Church in Ottawa Lake, MI and have the privilege of doing the song "The Face of Love", by the band Sanctus Real, tomorrow as part of our services. Pastor Mark's continuing his series on "The World's Most Powerful Phrases" and tomorrow the phrase is, "I Love You." It is such an honor and a blessing to me to be a part of this team at CrossRoads. Some very God-gifted folks there that never cease to astonish me with their abilities. Have a listen to the tune I'm doin' and wish me luck or pray for me if so inclined. Thanks!


Mar said...

I'll be thinkin' about ya!! Someone needs to video tape it and upload it to youtube:) Seriously, how do you have time to run? It seems like you're always doing're amazing!

jessica said...

GREAT job Rick!!!

Rick said...

Thanks, Marion! The thoughts and prayers definitely helped! In fact, the first service (9:00) went ok, but when I prayed before the second service at 11:00 for God to use me in a powerful way because I wasn't completely satisfied with how the first went, I am certain He answered that prayer because the song went liked I had hoped it would and I pray touched peoples' hearts.

There may be a dvd of this at some point. Our worship director sends them to us so we can see "how we did", which is always very difficult to watch, but it's useful for us to see how we might be able to improve. He'll put notes with it and then we can self-critique what we did as well. It's a good tool.

If I do get one and, it isn't too horrible, I would be willing to e-mail it to you (if I can figure out how to do that), but I don't think that I would post it. The reason being is that doing this is not about me. I LOVE serving on this team at our church and consider it a huge privilege and a blessing, but it's God that gets all the glory and honor for what He does through me. Hope I'm not sounding overly "pious", that is not how I want to come off. I just want to serve with humility if that makes any sense.

Honestly, there are so many much more talented vocalists at our church that I am humbled when I get the opportunity to do a "special"/solo.

Time to run is always a challenge and I just take the opportunity when I can. Fortunately my job has some flexibility to it so, that allows me to run when most people with 8 - 5's normally wouldn't be able to. As long as I'm completing my inspections in a timely fashion, I can get them done when it is convenient for me, within reason. So, that is a huge blessing. Otherwise, I don't think I would even be able to consider attempting this race.

Thanks again for your comments, I always look forward to them! :-)

Jess, thanks so much. I think God really blessed the worship teams' efforts in the second service especially. He is so good! GTG as Stu would say. ;-)