Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Don't Want a Medal of Valor...

...I just want to have a run one of these days in which I am not running into a 20 - 25 mph headwind for part of the run with 20 degree temps and 0ish windchills. I wore my homemade winter trainer shoes on this run cause I was tired of running Lewis Avenue and the subdivisions off of it on pavement so I ventured out into the countryside on the snowy shoulders and icy roadways. They work like a charm. I'll post a picture on here to go with this when I get a chance. Ended up doing 9 miles on a scheduled 8 mile day at an average pace of 9:19/mile.

My work review went well, and I had a nice time reminiscing in East Lansing for a bit before I went home. I'll post some pictures I took there later as well. I have to eat and head to church for a vocal rehearsal at 6:00. Warm beef barley soup was waiting for me when I got home. YUM! I luvs my wife and her awesome cooking! This is the perfect thing to thaw me out right now. :-)

Hope you had a good day.


Mar said...

That soup sounds lovely. I can't get my family to eat soup but I could happily consume it daily:)

Glad you had a good, safe trip! Good news on those shoes. So glad they worked well for your run. How's our knee doing today?

Rick said...

The soup was perfect, especially after the chilly run. It warmed my up from the inside out. :-)

Thanks, the drive (about 100 miles one way) was a bit dicey at times going up.

My knee... hmmm... makes me nervous. It feels ok today, it doesn't ache or hurt, but it didn't as it was popping either on each stride. Just the big tendon on the right back side did a little. I may take today off, do my other medium long tomorrow instead of Friday, and then off Friday before my 16 on Saturday. Not sure yet. Lindsey has a scrimmage today and meet the team and I have to be on the road again today so, I don't know if I can squeeze a run in anyway.