Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Seven Snowy Miles of Joy

Yesterday I took off as a day of rest after unsuccessfully chasing after a bunch of much faster runners the day before! GAH! I felt good when I got up yesterday, but then I went to sit down at my desk and got this stabbing pain in my right low back just above my hip. Fortunately I already had a chiro appointment with the awesome Dr. Daryl Lajiness at Lifestyle Chiropratic who tuned me up that afternoon. No more zingers since then. Yea!

We had a light snow this morning that I headed out in for a 7 miler. I simply went out and back on Temperance Road reveling in the beauty of the morning, the falling snow, the new clean blanketing of my surroundings, the serenity. I was a little sore from the race, but I just had a cool peace about me on the run and was filled with joy. I love runs like that. Was thinking about you a lot too, Cassy. Gonna need some of your determination for this marathon girl! Oh, I finished my run down the dead end of our snow covered street, which was a good packing snow. By the time I got to the end of my run I was like 6'4" from the snow build up on the soles of my shoes!

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