Thursday, January 24, 2008

On Tap Today - No This is NOT About Beer

Tammy and I have a date tonight to go see this movie. It tells the story of 5 runners and their reasons and preparation to run the Chicago Marathon. Should be inspiring for both of us. Ironically enough, the theater we will be going to see this movie is probably within a quarter mile of the marathon course that I will be running in April. Well, at least hopefully I will pass by this point as it will be about 18 miles into the marathon. Just about the time I will be hitting the infamous marathon "wall". This is the point in the race where your body has expended all of its glycogen stores and just wants to physically shut down on you. I've actually hit a mini-wall once in a run last year that I talked about in my Preface and Purpose first post where my legs just could not go any further. I hope I am able to push through it in April though.

Chelsea's been sick, sore throat, fever, and came home from school yesterday. Checking her temp right now to see if she should go to school or not today. Tale of the thermometer coming up shortly here. No fever... off to suffer through a day at school. I remember those horrible days feeling like you wanted to die, but having to get through a school or work day. It's been a while though. Knock on wood.

Tammy, her Aunt Rose, and mom and dad, headed up to the hospital about 5:20 a.m. for her dialysis port procedure. If it goes well she should be able to come home today. If not, she will have to stay overnight.

Lindsey played very well in her scrimmage last night. Remarkably so considering this is her first year of playing truly organized basketball. I was really quite amazed by her ability. She's very active on the court and had several baskets off offensive rebounds, which is awesome. A few things to work on, but I think she has the potential to be a very good player. (scholarship, scholarship!) HA!

I'll be hanging around here today, getting my inspection reports uploaded for the last couple of days I was on the road, getting my expense account done, paying bills, and getting in an 8 or so mile run at some point in the day. Today should be the last day of our brutally cold weather (temps in the teens and windchills in the single digits) for a while and then more to seasonable temps in the 20's and 30's. A welcomed change.

Well, I think I will snag a second cup of coffee and get my inspections uploaded. Here's the trailer for the marathon movie Tam and I are going to see tonight if you're interested.

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Sara McCarty said...

Hi Rick! Ryan and I are going to see Spirit of the Marathon tonight too! I'm so excited. I could really use the motivation at this point, with it being so cold and miserable lately. I've been struggling to stay motivated and I hope this movie will get me pumped up for the next few hard months of training. And for that silly little Half I'm doing on Saturday. Wish me luck!